Encourage Healthier

Reduce Environmental

Our Team, Colleagues

Community Supports

Sourcing, Supply

Being Responsible

Encourage Healthier Choices

Majority of the foods or ingredients that we produce are healthy and nutritious, however we take it as our responsibility to ensure  that we encourage our consumers to make healthier choices.  Meanwhile we continue to strive to extend our product range to offer a more nutritious and healthier basket of products to our clientele.

Reduce Environmental Foot Prints

  • Reduce waste – of raw material, power, energy, unnecessary transport
  • Improve efficiency – maximize production outputs, improve recovery of raw materials.
  • Invest in bio energy – Invest in solar energy, us bio-waste in boilers to reduce carbon emissions
  • Packaging – redesign packaging in order to reduce waste, and to look for better options to package our products.
  • Consumers – we try to encourage and educate our consumers to stop wasting food and to dispose the spent packaging in a responsible way to avoid littering the environment or to reuse it in some way.

Our Colleagues, Our Team, Our Assets

  • Ideating

We believe that fresh ideas will only come in if we create an environment that is open, encouraging and friendly, and this is exactly what we have done and continue to promote in our culture

  • Discover Potential

The young is where we believe, the drive in our business will come from, therefore we are always trying to attract fresh talent and use our existing team to help train the individuals extensively and to provide them with the necessary to develop their skills.  This we believe helps the individuals to grow in confidence and thus move up the ladder.

  • Diversity & Inclusivity

With constant monitoring we are ensuring all our colleagues, no matter what their gender, race or creed are treated as equals, with the utmost respect and are included in every step we take.  These reminder are also backed up by constant training and awareness programs.

  • Caring for Our Team

The health and welfare of our colleagues has always been an important part of our organization, and with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the issue has become even more important for all.  We take it upon ourselves to ensure our colleagues and their families always remain safe and healthy by creating awareness of the precautions we all need to take to look after our wellbeing.


In order to ensure our supply chain is sustainable for the long run we work closely with all our suppliers to ensure whatever goods and service we use or purchase is done in an ethical manner and from organizations or individuals  who believe in maintaining high levels integrity and ethics.
Farmers – we ensure that we constantly train farmers in using good farming practices, and encourage them to us less fertilizers and pesticides that are harmful to the environment and to plant more trees, looking in to the long term.
Suppliers of Goods – we ensure that they too consider the manner in which they deliver the goods to us and make them aware of issues of child labour, equal opportunities for all, recycling of materials, packaging etc.

Community Support

With the moto “BUY KENYA, BUILD KENYA”, we try to ensure more and more of our raw materials and ingredients are sourced from around our the factory, or at least with in Kenya, to ensure we are creating employment and playing our part in the development of our country.
Charities – we are constantly supporting various projects which are managed by the  Lions Club, SCANN and others, in order to help those less fortunate in society.
Education and training – we work closely with the education organization around us by providing an avenue for students to work with us in order to sharpen their skills