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In Nutshell

At Njoro Canning Factory (NCF), food is our passion and we love providing foods which are healthy and convenient to use for our consumers in this fast paced life that we all live in.  Over the years our brands have become household names and known for their great taste, convenience and value for money.

Proudly Kenyan

NCF started out as a small and humble vegetable canner in 1978 after Mr TK Patel acquired the factory.  Over the years it has grown into a multi process and multiproduct company with the support of its visionary directors, dedicated employees and the surrounding community made up of farmers, local government, education institutes and health care department.   From early on, NCF made a name for itself in the international markets for supplying quality food products, reliability, flexibility and integrity.  It is with the same zeal that NCF have been supplying the Kenya and regional markets and become a household name.

What We Do

NCF specializes in the production of various types of quality foods and ingredients, like:

  • Canned, frozen and dehydrated fruits and vegetables,
  • Herbs & spices,
  • Tomato paste,
  • Jams & Marmalades
  • Sauce,
  • Pickles,
  • Relishes,

Bakery ingredients
What Are We Here For


To bring a smile on people when they sit on table  To inspire healthier communities by connecting people to real food

Our Mission

To be the Global Leader in Food Manufacturing by providing good quality, healthy and convenient foods and beverages, whilst enriching the lives of our employees and the larger community as a whole.

Quality – In Search of Excellence

From the beginning quality and food safety has been our primary goal, ensuring the highest standards are maintained right from the field where our quality ingredients sourced to the point where our consumers buy our products or consume them.
To ensure that our systems work, we have invested a lot of time and effort in our food safety systems and continue to improve the system year after year.
Whilst we have attained the ISO22000 FSSC standard in two of our units we continue to ensure all our processing units operate under the highest standards with the goal to certify all units in due course.


With the ever changing consumer demands, we have constantly invested in developing or improving our product range to keep up the latest consumer needs.  With the help of our extremely highly qualified team of professionals and the use of modern technology, we are able to provide our consumers with what they need in a very short span of time.


1978 – Mr. T.K.Patel and his family buy the canning plant originally established in 1936
1981 – Signed a contract with SAUPIQUET, for canned French beans for the French market.
1982 – Set up Hortiequip Ltd; a subsidiary of NCF to supply French beans to the factory, through 20,000 contracted farmers in Vihiga district.
1990 – Signed a contract with BONDUELLE for canned French beans
1992 – Investment in a new line – fruit concentration plant to produce tomato paste
1996 – Investment in a Vegetable IQF Plant
1996 – Investment in a vegetable dehydration plants
1996 – Set up a new French bean growing project in Litein under Hortiequip Ltd
1997 – Plant upgrade, Training & implementation of HACCP Food Safety Management System.
2000 – New contract with French company CODIMEX to supply canned French beans.
2001 – Investment in a new line to produce frozen potato chips and other vegetables.
2001 – Introduction of “Golden Valley “brand to the Kenyan market.
2003 – Investment in a spice milling plant after signing a supply contract with Unilever (K).
2003 – Investment in Kenya Orchards Ltd
2004 – New Contract for canned French bean with French company ROCHEFONTAINE
2007 – New contract for canned French beans with a Belgian company SCANA NOLIKO
2008 – BRC certification and ISO22000 food safety certification.
2014 – Set up and invest in a in house developed spice sterilization system
2017 – Investment in a bio waste briquetting line
2017 – Investment in a line to manufacture bakery ingredients
2019 – Investment in a safe drinking water line.

Future Plans

Raw Material Sourcing – Expand our reach and relationships with farmers by providing them with training in improved farming methods so that their yields and income improve.
Processes – Constantly looking at ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs on the line and improve our product range to suit the needs of our clients.
Clients – improve our relationships with our clientele and understand their needs and requirements so that we can constantly improve our service delivery to them.


Over the years we have invested heavily in to diverse processes and product range and new now have the following infrastructure:

  • Canning Line – for canned vegetables and fruits
  • Fruit concentration and bottling line – for tomato paste, jams, sauces, condiments, pickles, relishes, desserts and dessert toppings
  • Freezing line – with and IQF system and blast freezer for processing all types of vegetables and fruits
  • Dehydration line – for fruits, vegetables and herbs
  • Spice sterilization and milling lines for all spices
  • Bakery ingredient line – for the production of Non-dairy whipping cream, cake mixes, cake gels etc.
  • Beverage line – for drink water and various beverages.
  • Briquette line –  manufacture briquettes from sawdust, for use in our boilers and to sell to other industrial users.
  • Microbiology Lab – full-fledged laboratory to ensure whatever raw material coming in and whatever finished products are going out meet the highest standards that we have set.
  • Engineering workshop – fully equipped to support in the maintenance needs of the plant
  • Transport – fleet of vehicle to ensure we pickup and delivery on time and to ensure our sales team and support staff are able to achieve their target